Hills of Glory 2D

MANDO Productions

About the game

These are serious times! The enemy is launching a major offensive and we must stand our ground, whatever it takes. This is suicide, but you are the army’s best bet. There are only three of you left to defend the hill, and they are more than a thousand. The enemy is gathering a growing number of hotshots determined to destroy you. It is time to teach them the meaning of war!

  • Genre: reverse tower defense
  • Platform: PSM/Android/iOS
  • Technology: Unity
  • Website: Playstation Store
My role on the project

As Producer, I've been acting as a liaison between MANDO and Sony's PlayStationMobile team. Hills of Glory 2D is one of the very first games of the PSM and we had to propose concrete feedbacks about the PSM DevPortal and SDK. I also had the opportunity to work on new and exclusive features for the game. It was also the first post mortem i had to do as producer.