Shootmania: Storm


About the game

Shootmania: Storm propose a quake-like gameplay style. Accessible to many and allowing the best to stand out, the game boasts quick-fire matches and epic battles, where only your talent will distinguish you from the crowd. Shootmania: Storm comes with its own map and script editors, numerous communication tools, Machinima sharing and editing tools, etc., aiming to offer everyone the opportunity to create and share their own map/game.

  • Genre: Multiplayer FPS
  • Platform: PC
  • Technology: ManiaPlanet
  • Website: Steam
My role on the project

I had to define what kind of gameplay Shootmania should have. We wanted to create a competitive FPS, easy to learn and read (spectators), hard to master. I did research and development, tuning the gameplay and using the in-game editor (script and level design) to proposed several mods like the Elite Mod (3v3) which is now used in competition.