About the game

WHITE is the first FPS based on player's "violence" and creativity. Score only depends on one thing : your talent ! In the game White, you will complete a painting canvas with splashes created by the explosion or projection adorable little creatures in three dimensions that will knock you with pleasure. To do this, the game White is not weapons or means of torturing these little creatures multicolored missed. Armed with your cruelty, you'll be able to achieve a master painting with the tasks of critters that you will come to kill?

  • Genre: First Person Painter
  • Platform: PC
  • Technology: UDK
My role on the project

WHITE is a video game made during our first year at ENJMIN (2010), the Graduate School of Games and Interactive Media, France. We wanted a game that could show to anyone that games were not only about violence. I defined every part of the gameplay and then focused on the quality enhancement of the game.