Yeti on Furry

MANDO Productions

About the game

Yeti on Furry is a tower defense kind of game. Confront an onslaught of insane climbers - from the most stupid to the most vicious - all of whom have special tricks for reaching the top of the mountain: tunnels, ziplines, even teleporters! With simplified touch gameplay, use your incredible super powers to defend your lair from the climbers! Sneezing, triangle concert or the Yeti’s fist of vengeance: no holds barred!

  • Genre: reverse tower defense
  • Platform: Android/iOS
  • Technology: Unity
  • Website: Google Play
My role on the project

As Producer, I helped the team through the whole development process of the project, planning daily meetings and being in charge of the content design and quality assurance. I've been acting as a liaison between the group and our publisher. I managed to engage the team to help build the honest, iterative plans of production and then being accountable for the goals we collaboratively set with our publisher.