MANDO Productions

About the game

Zebuloids is an isometric 3D puzzle and reflexion game occurring in a colourful universe. You take control of 3 different Zebuloids with unique characteristics and you can fuse them to obtain the super black Zebuloid, aiming to solve the enigmas of the level design. Help the Zebuloids to counter this threat with a virtual pad. You will need logic to guide them to the end of each level, thwarting the traps and the enemies.

  • Genre: puzzle game
  • Platform: Android/iOS
  • Technology: Unity
  • Website: Google Play
My role on the project

As Producer and Game designer, I had to use level editor to create the levels and define the score curve balancing for every difficulty levels. I used rational methodologies to define the learning curve on the levels. I kept the documentation up to date and worked closely with a trainee designer and the programmers to facilitate their understanding of the features to implement.