Know what i’m up to

And what I believe in.


I’m aiming to bring fun and a cool experience for the players, conceiving games as a creative product. An idea without a plan is just a dream. A plan without an idea is just a list. Thus, regardless of what kind of game I’m work on, I’m always looking to establish a clear design vision within the constraint of the project.


Tools are such an incredible way to enhance everyone's proficiency and facilitate teamwork. As a designer or producer, I'm competent to use several game engines or management tools. I believe that creating constant playable builds is the best way to make sure the game is always fun and always meets a pre-determined quality bar set by the team.


I'm passionate and curious, trying to gather ideas and information so that I can expand and enrich my own knowledge and understanding of particular disciplines, subject areas or topics. I like to describe myself as an alchemist, picking material from all around to elaborate a project and keep learning from it.


I definitively love to work with different people, everyone having his expertise. I know how important it is to adapt your speech depending on who you are talking to. I've learnt how to provide concrete and hard information when discussing requirements for features with the team. By using everyone's input, you can get access to a massive resource : the accumulated brainpower of the entire group. And I’m looking to cultivate such a collaborative relationship.


I feel like there is no creativity without constraints. I do not worry about being wrong, I'm willing to always adapt, trying to find the smart way to do something and spend time on the most important tasks at all time. Considering the wide possibility of what games can be, I try to constantly focus on the final product and be pragmatic while the development goes on.


Design and project management are tremendously powerful and sensitive positions. I know that nothing can upset this more than failure to make decisions when they are needed, or making vague ones. I do not fear to take leadership when it is required, using everyone’s input. Making a game is a big balancing act. I have to not only get it done, but also make it fun. This is very exciting!